Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekly Weigh In Saturday 1/19

It's that time of the week.
Time to step on that scale and be rewarded for all the hard work this past week!
How did you week go?
Did you gain or lose?
(remember - you can share as much or as little info as you like)

Let the commenting begin.......


  1. I hope everyone had a good week! I'm happy with what my scale is telling me this morning. :)

    Last week's weight - 194.4
    This week's weight - 192.6

    Loss this week...... 1.8 pounds
    I'll take that!

    Total so far since January 2nd - 6.1 Pounds
    I told you it adds up :)

    Have a great week girls! I'll try to get a few more posts in this week.

  2. I didn't do the weigh in on the right days until we're just going to go with....from whenever it was that I really started (I think the 7th or 8th...) til now.

    I've been really good at just eating smaller portions and not eating til I'm "stuffed" but just full...which is way better. I love food so I just like to eat things sometimes and I'm realizing that I do it when I'm bored/stressed/etc.

    So...let's call it the 7th til days...I'm down about 7lbs. :D

    Now, if I start adding actually working out to that?? I have been doing less just "sitting." More let's "get shit done" kind of things which burns calories even if you're not "working out" per se.

    1. You're doing great! 7 pounds is awesome girl! Yeah, this week hasn't been so good for working out. Maybe this week will be better.

  3. Ugh I gained! I went up to 165 and I'm pretty sure it's from having lunch at Chipotle yesterday. Not cool man :-(

    I've got my game plan set for next week though; have my meals and workouts scheduled... it's the only way I'll keep myself accountable.

  4. Since January 1st I am -4 lbs! However, these steroids I am on are really kicking my ass!

    1. 4 pounds is awesome! Are you back to taking Alli?

    2. No I am doing the Body by Vi I found that it works better and I get a hell of a lot more ENERGY!


    This is what it is Marie.. I am extremely not good at explaining it but it works!