Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kick Off Week - Day 4 - Saturday

Weigh In Day

I pick Saturday as my weigh in day for a few reasons.

1) It's the day my points reset and I'll have those extra bonus points if I need them for the weekend.

2) If I've lost weight, it will help keep me motivated through the weekend.

3) I know this is TMI, but with you girls I feel comfortable saying this.  On Saturday, I'm not rushed as I am on the weekdays, so I can relax, drink my coffee, and then hopefully go to the bathroom - like really go to the bathroom! LOL  Sometimes that doesn't happen during the week.  Just saying.....
So I like to make sure I get everything out before I weigh myself.

So I'm going to post my weekly weigh in each Saturday.  Feel free to join me, or if a different day works better for you, please do a post on your day.

So today's weekly weigh in is going to be my starting weight post.
After this, I will be posting how much I've lost (or gained).
So in the comments, you can post as little or as much information as  you want.  You can write what your weight is that day with your loss/gain, or if you're more comfortable, just post your loss/gain.

We're in this together!


  1. The results are in.
    My official starting weight is
    (duh duh dum.......)

    Like I said, if you don't want to post your weight, that's totally cool. I'm just an open book, so I don't care. Maybe you want to post how many pounds you lose each week. Whatever you are comfy with. My plan is to post my weight each Saturday.

  2. I have to get a scale before I can weigh in, so that'll be next Saturday. I've gotta wait till I get paid. Let me guess my weight.... Ummmm 125 *snort* I didn't believe that either. I'm really guessing between 165-170. We'll see what next Saturday brings :-)

  3. I lost 3.1 lbs this week.
    Robyn lost 3.1 lbs this week too.
    I really makes you want to keep working when you see some results.

  4. I haven't lost any weight but I haven't gained any either, so I'm looking at that as a good thing. Usually after the holidays I always put on weight. Today I weigh 160 but I'm only 5ft 3in so...
    My goal is to lose some belly fat and I'll take any weight lose.
    On a positive note, I have already started feeling like I have more energy. Just got back from a two mile walk and did some sit ups.

  5. Hey all! I have to find my scale! (ha) as soon as I do, I'll get myself all situated. I've been doing a lot more physical work around the house and just trying to move more this week as an "ease in" to the new healthy year and I'm feeling much better for it. We can do this!!!!!

  6. *drum roll* 164.2!! I finally bought a scale! It was $15 at Target on sale and is all sorts of adorable, zebra print glass. I'm going to get a food scale, Target wanted over $30 for it... we have one on sale at my work for $9. I'm going to buy it Sunday when I'm at work so I can kick off my new eating habits Monday. My starting weight is 24.2 away from my goal weight. If I would have known that I would have gotten more serious sooner!

  7. It's great to have the scale now to keep track of your progress! The one you bought sounds really cute!