Monday, January 14, 2013's so tasty too!

Who said all diet foods had to taste horrible? Well for nearly everyone that is dieting we know that no one says it, but it is very true that not all healthy food gives you the warm and fuzzies that most comfort food do.

In my journeys to find healthy food (read as: spending my days surfing pinterest) I came across a recipe for smoothies. The guidelines for the smoothie were very rigid, "Use this exact ounce of this specific brand name item, don't worry that it costs you $10 for a small portion!" Needless to say I was not impressed. I did however come across another website and I used their smoothie recipe as a base for my very own.

In total the ingredients for these smoothies (I say 'these' because I have more than enough for many smoothies and a variety of them.) cost $13. I didn't have to buy the honey or milk (or orange juice) but those are staples in most kitchens so I'm not counting them in my cost. I bought four bags of frozen fruits at $2.50 each, and a 1 tub of yogurt. You can buy as needed and it'll keep the cost down.

Here are the ingredients I used for my smoothie today, this is a smoothie for one person, I will also show you alternatives.

1/3 cup plain low fat yogurt

1/4 cup low fat milk (you will add more as needed to keep the smoothie... well smooth)

1 teaspoon honey

1 cup frozen mixed berries

This is the result! It tastes amazing!
Photobucket Photobucket

Now for the alternatives:

Substitute orange juice for milk, go for the ones with the least amount of calories and sugars. I personally prefer no pulp, but it is up to you. With the orange juice you can omit the honey, you are getting the sweetness from the juice and therefore the honey is not really needed.

The price of fruit is outrageous these days, surprisingly though frozen fruit is a less expensive solution (different fruits will go on sale different days and if you shop mid week, most of the time on Wednesday things will be on a better sale because that is the day most stores get their new shipments *bonus tip from someone that works in a grocery store*), it also cuts out the need for ice in your smoothie.

If you can afford the fresh fruit, which sadly doesn't last as long as frozen (another perk to frozen) you will do a cup of fruit and 3/4 cup ice.

If you're daring go ahead and throw in a vegetable, carrots or spinach blend well with these drinks. It's up to you what you want in your drink. I am fully experimenting here. Yesterday I had orange juice, mango, and blueberry! Tomorrow I might even try with *gasp* unsweetened cranberry juice!

Let me know if you try and what combinations you used. I love all sorts of crazy combinations and I'll keep you up to date on what I try next and how it works out.


  1. This sounds awesome!! I bet I could do these for all of us when we all get home from school/work because we are ALWAYS starving at that time! I need to go shopping, like, now!

  2. Smoothies are a huge hit in my house! That combo of mixed fruit you used looks really good. I usually do frozen strawberries and fresh bananas. At Aldi they have the frozen strawberries, and they also have a frozen mixed berries which makes a great smoothie. I usually use vanilla light yogurt, but I like that little extra flavor you get from the vanilla.

    You're inspiring me to pick up smoothie ingredients next time I go shopping! :)

  3. Thanks girls! Yeah I should have put a disclaimer that plain yogurt is not for everyone, but the right kind of vanilla is equally as healthy. *whispers* and if you want to 'keep regular' you can use Activia... but literally plan on being regular and whatever you do don't give it to your kids.. my aunt learned that the hard way lol