Sunday, July 31, 2011

Avoiding Temptation

It's easy to know the things that aren't good for you when it comes to food.

If it tastes good and is filled with sugar... it's not good for you!

So, with it being easy to know what these things are, it makes it glaringly obvious that when you see them you should turn the other way and get something else to snack on.
Good snacks!

Well yesterday I was on a shopping mission... get really expensive shampoo on a ridiculous sale at a specific store. What does this have to do with dieting and staying away from sweets? You may ask.

"EVERYTHING!" is what I would say.

On my way to Ulta (the store with the shampoo) I decide to make a detour at the Half Price bookstore. After browsing the books I leave the store and take a stroll down to the Hostess outlet store.

That's right... A freaking Hostess outlet store!!! I go in there because they sell this whole wheat oat nut bread that I love... it is like $6 at Jewel but at this store it's $1.29 a loaf! And clearly since this is a Hostess store they also sell all of those tempting little things full of sugar, bad carbs, covered in chocolate, or frosting. You know, the things that make your inner skinny girl cringe but the outer chubby girl wants at them, NOW!

I held my own and walked right by the 29 cent Twinkies, Ho Ho's, Snow Balls, donuts, cookies, cakes, pastries, pies. I kept my head high holding my loaf of bread walking to the cashier without looking back.

I get to the car and my niece asks me "Kassie, do you want one of my mini donuts?"

So I ate one! Just one and you know what.. I'm okay with it. I spent all day on my feet walking around burning off calories left and right, I was able to avoid all of the tempting snacks that I could have literally inhaled in about 2.5 seconds. So in the long run, one mini donut doesn't hurt.

Shhhhhh Marie do not mention the piece of cheese cake I had at your party the night before, it doesn't count bc it was a party!

Tell me, what are the temptations that you try to avoid?

Friday, July 29, 2011

How Are You Doing It?

The reason I got the blog up and running again is because I needed and wanted to give support.  I just want to thank you all that commented and joined!  I think about all the lovely things you have said and how it's going with you and you inspire me!

So how are you doing it?

I'm counting Weight Watchers points.  I joined a few years ago, so I have all the books (old system) so I just using that and I finally found a good iPhone app that counts points without joining WW.  It's called "My Score Plus" and it is the best I have found for me (and I have downloaded quite a few).  I did realize the other day that my app had miscalculated the number of points I should be allowed to have a day - I thought the number was high.  Then I looked it up and sure enough the app was giving me 5 more points per day that I should be allowed. So I adjusted that on the app.  Hopefully that is one of the reasons that I haven't been very successful.

So, I'd love to hear from you in the comments.  How are you approaching your weight loss?  Are you counting points?  Calories?  something else?  Let us know!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Baaaack!

Hey girls!  
I am ashamed of myself!  
Did you see the date of our last post?  
September, 2010!!! That is just sad.

So it's almost a year later.  
Where are you on your quest to get skinny?  
(And when I say skinny, it is my snarky way of saying "healthy" because that's what a real goal is!)
I'll tell you where I'm at........
5 pounds heavier than I was at this time last year.
This is the picture that really doubled my determination to trim down.  That's me on the right at a recent 100 Monkeys concert with BellaTesoro, hisbellamarie, MrsKassie Cullen and 17forever Lisa.  I just feel like I am huge in this picture.  I know a person is more than their weight and how they look.  However, I would like to feel good about how I look and I don't feel good about how I look in this picture.

I NEVER give up.....EVER!
So that's why I am back.

The reason I started this blog originally, was so that I had a place to vent and maybe create a support system with other chicks who had the same goals.  Well  I dropped the ball.
Well I'm picking the ball back up and getting back in the game.
So to get the ball rolling again, I thought I should tell you all where I am at right now - and be honest.
Here goes......

In this past year, I have gotten off track many many times.  I keep getting back on and falling off.  The truth is, I think my many failed attempts have really kept me from gaining more than the 5 pounds that I have gained.  I am now 44 years old and weigh 220 pounds.  I'm not embarrassed to say it, but on the other hand I'm am not happy with it. Here is the frustrating thing.  The things I used to do to lose weight just don't work anymore!!!  I guess it's my age.  Maybe my metabolism is slowing down - but I just cannot get the scale to move.  Has anyone else experienced this?
What have you tried to get over this hurdle?

So this is what I'm trying this week.  I am cutting back on carbs and trying to make my meals more of the fruit and veggie nature.  Carbs are my downfall....I can live with out meat....but give me bread and potatoes.  So for a week I'm going to try to cleanse my body.  My awesome brother seems to gotten my treadmill going again, so the heat is not an excuse not to at least walk.  So I will be hitting the treadmill this week more as well.

So that is where I am at right now.
Please tell me in the comments where you are at with your goals right now.  Maybe you can get the ball rolling with me?