Monday, January 21, 2013

Embrace Your Hunger

When you stomach growls, you want to eat.

It's an automatic thing.
You go ahead and eat something, because hunger pangs can be uncomfortable.

I'd like to offer another way of looking at those hunger pangs.
Those hunger pangs tell me that I've been doing well with my eating plan.

Let me clarify. 
If I've been sticking to my points and eating what I should, then my body has been nourished.
So it's okay to feel hungry between meals.  At bed time.
Especially at bed time.  
You shouldn't eat late at night anyway, and I just tell myself that I'm going to sleep anyway.

Think about when you are being....let's say...not so good.  You are constantly eating.  You never even give your body a chance to actually feel hungry.

How many times have you overeaten, and then you feel miserable.
I hate that feeling.

So when I feel a little hungry, I think about that awful feeling of being stuffed, and the hunger doesn't seem so bad.
I'm not saying you shouldn't eat if you truly need to eat.
If it gets really bad, try drinking some water, or having a light snack to take the edge off.
I'm just saying, it's okay to feel hungry.

So embrace your hunger.

Remember, you will be happy with the results in the long run.


  1. That is the plan I've adopted. If my stomach growls I drink water to see if I'm really hungry and if it still growls I'll eat something small. I always hear "eat many small meals" and that's something I'm going to try.

    1. They say if you eat small, healthy meals throughout the day, it helps get your metabolism going and regulates your bodies fat burning. I think the water thing really works. :)

  2. Chew gum it works well into tricking your brain you are eating!

    1. I think the gum is good for making me think I'm chewing something. Sometimes it gets my stomach acids flowing though and that can make it worse.

      Gum is good for helping you burp after you've overeaten! LOL I learned that when I was pregnant.

  3. I have been doing the water thing too. Often times you're actually really thirsty instead and that can help. This is a great tip UAB!!

    1. Plus it just makes your stomach feel full. :)

  4. When I feel hungry and need to munch, (which is my downfall) I now have nuts sitting near where I read. I eat about a handful and it fills me. I follow it with water for the rest of the night.

    1. Nuts are a great snack. I keep little pre measured baggies of nuts in my car for my ride home from work. The Dark Cocoa Roast Almonds from Diamond are really really good. Kinda tastes like you're eating a Hershey's with Almonds without the guilt.