Saturday, November 29, 2014

Returning to old habits... long as they're good ones

It's not shameful to return to some old habits.  I swear, it really isn't.

When I started this earnest this time...just over a year ago, I was pretty gung ho.  I was doing a Couch to 5k trainer (with Zombies! yay!), myfitnesspal to track my calories, an app called monitor your weight to keep track of my overall goal of weight loss vs. time spent, etc.  I was vigilant on tracking myself and holding myself accountable.  I set up calendars for workouts so that I was making sure to hit the gym 3 times a week, and making sure I did my weigh in every week, same day of the week, same time of day (and posting in our Facebook group as an extra layer of accountability).  It was awesome.

And then I got used to the routine.  I was able to maintain a lot of what I was doing without such stringent accountability.  I was able to watch my calories and have a better understanding of how many were in the things I was eating.  I was able to get to the gym or outside running 3 times a week without even thinking about it because it was just my routine.

Over the course of this year long (so far) journey, I completed a 28-mile bike ride as well as a 10k and 5- 5ks.  I met my goal of completing a 5k in competition in under 40 minutes.  I've lost a total of 40lbs so far (of my goal of 50).  I feel better, I look better (if the compliments I've gotten recently are any indication), and I'm actually enjoying things like running.  Even shoveling my driveway for the first time yesterday (I hate winter in upstate NY) wasn't as hard as it was last year at this time.

It's now holiday of the biggest food related holidays of the year now behind us (God, I love Thanksgiving food) and I'm feeling myself slipping back into some old habits again.  I've run 3 times in the last 27 days.  I ate (and drank) EVERYTHING on Thanksgiving...and the day before...and the day after.  It's getting dark so early in the evening now I almost hate going outside to run (surprisingly it's not the cold keeping me inside).  I have ZERO desire to go to the actual gym.  I'm getting complacent.

SO.  Instead of allowing myself to fully slip back into *those* old habits.  I'm deciding to return to some other old habits instead:
  • I logged into myfitnesspal for the first time in months tonight.  I'm logging everything I've eaten today.  I'm going to log my food again for at least the next month, daily, to keep myself accountable.  (Side note - only a couple hundred calories over my 1300 calorie much better than it could have been for today, but still something I need to work on).
  • I am currently printing a new 30 day challenge for myself as a workout challenge.  I'm going to plan out my next month of workouts (and I think it's important to take into account plans that I have, etc. to make it realistic) and stick to it!
  • I joined a challenge on dailymile (my running tracking website) to see if I can log a certain number of miles over the next 30 days (and if you do, you're entered to win $$ yay!).
  • I weighed myself on my normal day (Friday...bad idea...the day after Thanksgiving) to get myself an idea of where I am.  Thankfully, I was up only 2 pounds from my lowest weight to date so even the beer fest I went to, and Thanksgiving, and all that other stuff that I've been doing hasn't set me back TOO much.  I'm committing to the weigh in every Friday morning again (as I used to) so that I have a gauge on where I am in the process.  I had a few times where I was afraid to hop on the scale, but if I can't be honest with myself, what good is all this work I'm doing? 
I guess my point is that old habits are ok - and it's sometimes ok to need to get yourself back on track by returning to the "crutches" that you needed in the beginning.  To remind yourself of the good work and the good choices and just straighten out your relaxed expectations for yourself a little.  A setback is ok.  A little movement in the "wrong" direction is ok.  But there are tools out there that helped me once and it's ok to need them a little bit again.  It doesn't mean I'm a failure, I'm just kicking myself in the butt to get myself in gear again.  I have til April to reach my goal (which is TOTALLY doable) but I need to stay on track a bit and I'm going to return to some old....good....habits to get there. 

What good habits to you need to get back to??

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Me, Myself and Blogger Fail

5. Don't post
4. Don't post
3. Don't post
2. Don't post
1. Don't post

Yes, I'm a total blogger fail.

If you know me, you know I love blogging.  Well, I like to create blogs....keeping up with blogs - not so much.  I kid, I kid.  Seriously though.  I currently have 5 blogs!!!! Blogging is so much fun, when you have time to do it.   I started my first blog, Twilight Junkies Anonymous 5 years ago. Whoah! Time flies  Somehow, back then I had more time to create posts.  Time is a precious commodity these days.  Might have something to do with the fact that I have more demands put on me from my job than ever before. Well, since I have the day off today, I thought I'd resurrect this poor blog once again.  I started with giving the blog a new and improved look. :)

 If you can't laugh at yourself, right?

Where are you on this journey?  Well, is it really a journey?  A journey suggests a beginning and an end.  I don't think this ever ends.  It's more of an odyssey.....a quest.  I know some of us in this group can attest, that once you get to your goal, the next part of the odyssey begins.  Maintaining.  And that is lifelong.  I hope to get to that part of this quest someday. :)

It took me two years to lose 40 pounds.  I've been basically maintaining that loss for the past 18 months or so.  That's where I am stuck right now.  I feel like I'm in a rut.  How do I get motivated to continue?

The problem is, I look at myself some days and feel really good about how far I've come.  I was a size 18-20 and now I'm a 12-14.  That's big for me.  I think I look pretty decent.  Definitely an improvement from before.  And I get comfortable with that, and convince myself that this is fine and I don't really need to lose anymore weight.

Other days, I look at myself and think....UGH!  My thighs are awful, my butt is huge, my arms are flabby.  I really want to go and buy any clothes I want and feel good about how I look.  That's when I feel like I need to get back on track and get this train moving again. If I could lose 40 pounds, what's stopping me from losing 40 more?

The problem is, I alternate these two feelings from week to week.  I'm not motivated for a length of time long enough to make a change.  

I have no answers.  This is just where I'm at right now.  

The group on Facebook has been a fabulous inspiration and motivation.   Having all of you girls to support each other has been amazing.  This blog is for all you girls in the Facebook group too.  I hope that some of you will feel like creating a post someday for this blog. Sometimes you need a little more than just a Facebook post to say what you want to say.

So, the bottom line is.....I love this blog.  My heart desires to keep up with this blog, but I make no promises.  My life is busy.  I will try to post the weekly weigh ins.  If you notice, I added a survey in the sidebar where you can get in a quick and share your progress.

So stop by the blog when you can.  
Comment on a post.  
There's no point in my writing these posts if nobody reads them.
Write a post!  
I can help you with this if you need help.  The more the merrier!!!!