Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Daily point target This site has the formula for your daily point target. I came up with 23 for me.


Did about 45 mins of DDR, sweating like a pig. Did a weigh in, I'm at 162. Yay.

Dottie's Weight Loss Zone

I put a link on the side to Dottie's Weight Loss Zone.  It's a great site.  If you click on the Restaurants link at the top, she has a million restaurants and the WW points for the food there.  Very useful!!!!!

Early Start?

I think I might be a bit overeager, but I was thinking that I might start counting points today.  I'm torn.  I really want to get the ball rolling, however, I want enjoy these last few days.  I don't know which attitude to have.  I will know pretty soon, cause I am starving!  Honestly, there isn't much to choose from with the fridge being broken, so I may have just eat whatever until the fridge is fixed and I can go shopping.  I'm just babbling.  So I think I just talked myself into eating whatever until Saturday.  LOL

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Exercise Videos

I saw a bunch of fun looking workouts on demand.  Carmen Electra - Striptease.  She also has a HipHop video.  There is also a few "Flirty Girl Fitness" videos.  And my favorite, Kim Kardashian Step workout.  So I'm going to make a DVD of some of the better ones.  Sound good?

Monday, December 28, 2009

My Last (well almost last) Hurrah!

I just ate 940 calories worth of Cherry Garcia!!!!!  It was goooooooood!

Robyn Here

I can't say the bad words but I'm in.
Fat Butt Girls Getting Skinny

hey bitches

I can't wait to be a skinny bitch

Sunday, December 27, 2009

This is it!!!!

Okay girls....this is it!  We are going to do this thing.  Let's start by posting "before"pictures.....maybe take them on Friday.  That will be our first real post.  I'm still working on the layout and gadgets.  Feel free to post if in the meantime.