Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kick Off Week Day 7 - Tuesday

Keep your expectations realistic.

This has been my biggest downfall throughout my entire life.

Does this scenario sound familiar?
You spend the entire week counting everything you eat, getting in those workouts, drinking your water, so you are all jazzed up about getting on the scale at the end of the week.
Then you get on the scale, and you're like - WTF????
I was good all week.  Why have I not lost like 10 pounds???
Yeah, I've been there my whole life.

This is the hurdle that I've had to get over, in order to have success in losing weight over these last two years.  It is sometimes really hard to be good all week and then get on the scale, and see that you've only lost 0.3 pounds.  It's frustrating.

To get past this, keep these things in mind.

- No matter how little you've lost, you've still lost and that's a positive!

- All those little losses add up, and before you know it, you've lost 5 or 10 pounds.

- Your body doesn't always follow your schedule.  Maybe your body needed 8-9 days this week to show a loss, and not the 7 you expect.  Your body will show the loss on the scale when it's ready.
Just remind yourself that you will see the loss next week.

Some weeks are going to be disappointing.  So prepare yourself ahead of time.  Don't let that disappointment send you into a tailspin, because that is counterproductive.


  1. Again, I need to get a scale! I found an awesome bamboo food scale at my work and its on sale! I'm buying it when I get paid Thursday. Sadly we don't sell real scales so I'll have to make a trip to Wally World or Tarjay :)

  2. I needed the "don't give up" pat on the back. I've been walking everyday, eating well, but every once in awhile, I cheat and eat some candy. My bad.