Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tues Jan 5

I'm proud of myself, I've stuck to it and haven't cheated.


  1. I started yesterday. Wanted to wait till things were back to a normal schedule here. Did my weight-in first thing in the morning. Was pleasantly surprised that I only gained 1 lb over the holidays. My starting weight is 170.2 lbs. I figured that if I have to post my weight I will be more motivated. Was not as good as I should have been but could have been alot worst. My second job has a ton of goodies to munch on from the holidays. Tomorrow night I will have to bring a healthy snack with me.

  2. Getting ready to go to chili's. Wish me luck!!!! Oh, and I have all of our weights in a excel spreadsheet....not sure how to post it on here yet. I'll figure it out.