Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Doing okay, the hard part is during the late morning before lunch, i want a snack. Sometimes carrots and celery work but not always. I keep on keepin on


  1. So far so good today. Resisted the urge to grab something on the way to work after having to fast for my test this morning. Am having my Progresso 1 point soup for lunch.

  2. OOOOH, that 1 point Progresso soup is so good! Is it the Southwest Veggie? That's my favorite. So I don't have any points left today. I treated myself to a Frappicino on my way home today (4.5 points)and that cut into my snacky snack points for this evening. If I would get off my lazy ass and excercise, I could get myself a couple of points. Intriguing idea....we'll see if it gets off the ground. LOL

  3. Progresso has a bunch of 1 and 2 point soups. My favorite is the Santa Fe Chicken or the Chicken and Dumplings. I love that it really fills me up and doesn't use up alot of my points. I am more likely to cheat at night when I am home so I save all my points for the evening. I usually only have a 1 point English Muffin for breakfast so I have at least 15 points for the evening.