Saturday, January 9, 2010

Great Week!!!!

Congrats chickies!  We had a great week!  We lost a total of 22.4 pounds, and that's not including Becky yet.  I think I feel stronger than ever and more committed to this than I did last week.  Yay us!!!!!  Have a great week. Don't forget we are going to try to post a thread each day just to check in....whoever gets her first can start it.

Rob says "Please, do it for me?"


  1. Okay Rob, But I gotta do it for me. Yeah Us!!
    Had a good walk with the girls, looking forward to my chicken pita for lunch.

  2. I just pigged out on pizza at Chesdan's,but I think I'm done for the I should be okay. Maybe some popcorn and diet coke later.