Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Baaaack!

Hey girls!  
I am ashamed of myself!  
Did you see the date of our last post?  
September, 2010!!! That is just sad.

So it's almost a year later.  
Where are you on your quest to get skinny?  
(And when I say skinny, it is my snarky way of saying "healthy" because that's what a real goal is!)
I'll tell you where I'm at........
5 pounds heavier than I was at this time last year.
This is the picture that really doubled my determination to trim down.  That's me on the right at a recent 100 Monkeys concert with BellaTesoro, hisbellamarie, MrsKassie Cullen and 17forever Lisa.  I just feel like I am huge in this picture.  I know a person is more than their weight and how they look.  However, I would like to feel good about how I look and I don't feel good about how I look in this picture.

I NEVER give up.....EVER!
So that's why I am back.

The reason I started this blog originally, was so that I had a place to vent and maybe create a support system with other chicks who had the same goals.  Well  I dropped the ball.
Well I'm picking the ball back up and getting back in the game.
So to get the ball rolling again, I thought I should tell you all where I am at right now - and be honest.
Here goes......

In this past year, I have gotten off track many many times.  I keep getting back on and falling off.  The truth is, I think my many failed attempts have really kept me from gaining more than the 5 pounds that I have gained.  I am now 44 years old and weigh 220 pounds.  I'm not embarrassed to say it, but on the other hand I'm am not happy with it. Here is the frustrating thing.  The things I used to do to lose weight just don't work anymore!!!  I guess it's my age.  Maybe my metabolism is slowing down - but I just cannot get the scale to move.  Has anyone else experienced this?
What have you tried to get over this hurdle?

So this is what I'm trying this week.  I am cutting back on carbs and trying to make my meals more of the fruit and veggie nature.  Carbs are my downfall....I can live with out meat....but give me bread and potatoes.  So for a week I'm going to try to cleanse my body.  My awesome brother seems to gotten my treadmill going again, so the heat is not an excuse not to at least walk.  So I will be hitting the treadmill this week more as well.

So that is where I am at right now.
Please tell me in the comments where you are at with your goals right now.  Maybe you can get the ball rolling with me?



  1. You're not alone with the struggle. I had been trying to get fit, walk everyday and then fan fiction came into my life. I'm serious when I say it's the reason I've put on weight. I don't move away from my laptop anymore. Well no more excuses, the hubs has built me this shelf in front of my elliptical machine where I can put my laptop in front of me so I can walk, and read at the same time. That worked for about a week. I think your picture reminder, thanks very much for showing me how fat I look, will get me motivated to start all over again. This morning I walked around my development 3miles, I used to do this everyday before ff.
    Also you said you need to get rid of carbs, me too. You say you want to eat fruits and veggies, those are good carbs, but remember they are carbs too. I know that if I do remove carbs like in the Atkin's diet, I will shed those pound but it's hard in the summer. We have so many fruits and veggies growing in the garden, I just can't give them all up right now. I have to cut back on everything and most important, I have to walk.
    So Marie, you've got a partner here. Starting today. Good luck!

  2. Marie, don't forget stress has an effect on you too. Some people lose weight, most gain from too much stress. Remember to cut out the soda. When I had my son, I was 207 pounds. I drank a lot of water and we definitely continued with the healthier diet from my pregnancy.

    You and BellaT can do this! I'll always be here to give you a peptalk! I wish I lived closer to both of you, I would totally walk with you. It's always more fun doing it with a partner than alone. I wish both of you much luck and health!!! xxoo

  3. hi!!!! I haven't been on my blog thing in a long time, but I had to follow this. Need to get unbusy with life and start blogging again, lol. We can help each other in our weight loss journey. I have lost 54lbs since March!!! I go to the gym approx 3-4times a week for 1-3hrs. I eat anything I want (smaller portions) and I don't drink soda pop and carbonated drinks even beer :( My 1st goal was too look beautiful for Jackson Rathbone, I didn't want him to see a fat fan.. I was hoping to get Rathboned in the back of his tour bus!!! j/k I just hated the old pictures I took with Peter Facinelli, Michael Welch... ewww they had to hug a fat tub of lard!! Anyways.. you can do this!!!!

  4. Thanks for the encouraging words! Fran - I have so glad to have you on board. This blog is pretty open so if you ever feel like you want to post something let me know because as you can see we have long list of contributors and would love more!

  5. I have been very unhappy with my weight in the past but I'm coming to terms with the weight I am not. I'm only a size bigger than I was when I graduated high school, though that was only 8 yrs ago. I weighed 185 this past Christmas and from just cutting out soda (even diet soda) I'm down to 163. I still drink it on occasion bc if I completely deny myself I end up drinking it and drinking too much.

    I want to eat healthier and cut out bad carbs, but if I cut those out I will not eat anything, at all! I am a very picky eater and just recently the though of eating beef, or any kind of meat really, makes me queasy. But I think if I stick with moderation of even the most devious of carbs I should be okay.

    When I watch my niece and nephew I try to keep up with their energy. We walk to the park instead of drive there, we play soccer, baseball, basketball, run though the sprinkler or play in the pool. At first I would sit on the sidelines and watch them play, not getting involved. But that was no fun for them and well I was just being lazy... I think they like it now that I'm up playing with them. Each time they leave here I want to curl up in a ball and sleep but I don't, I give in to fanfic and read. I don't want to give up all the good stuff for the sake of weight loss.

  6. @Lety - Thanks for getting on board! You look great btw! Your success is my inspiration!

    @Kassie - I think FF seems to be a theme hear! LOL It seems to be everyone's downfall! :) I tried reading ff on the kindle while on the treadmill and I was able to do it - so really I have no excuse!