Friday, September 24, 2010

Gee Thanks Mom, Those Things Sure Help With My Diet

I don't personally do the grocery shopping for our home, 
so I have no say over the things that are bought.

Sure I can ask for specific things that I would like to have around maybe some fresh fruits or vegetables (which are currently lacking in this home).

Well these are some of the things in my kitchen right at this very moment that are beckoning me.

"Come to us, it's midnight and you are so very hungry and thirsty!"
"No" I say to these deliciously loathsome snack foods. "You are not good for my IRWTSMN diet."

Barq's Root Beer is my kryptonite.

It has chocolate mousse and a chocolate cookie crust under that cream. I want to cry :(
PS: None of those missing pieces are from me, no really, I'm serious!

I would get one healthy part out of this snack. Milk, well only the milk that gets soaked up in the cookie.
Like I would ever drink milk that was dunked in.

I could eat the whole bag in one sitting, but I will not touch them.
My brother and his friends can eat all the chips in the house. I don't want them *sigh*

Really 2 Boxes of Fruity Pebbles, 2 Boxes of Cocoa puff's (one is generic)
MutherEffing Cookie Crisp, I used to beg and beg for these cereals, when I was 5, now I only eat the Cheerios

Look's innocent enough, raisins are healthy and it even has 50% more of them, sadly this bread is not.

I'm trying my damnedest to stick to my IRWTSMN diet plan. It's working but it is very hard to stay away from these delicious food offerings. It also doesn't help when my BFF calls me up, she can break my resolve with one conversation and this is one we just had two days ago
BFF- "Let's get Tastee Freeze" (local ice cream place, that rocks, btw)
Me- "No I'm on this 'If Rob Were to See Me Naked' diet."
BFF- "WTF is that, you can't be serious, let's get ice cream it's 98% Fat Free!"
(It doesn't help that she's a twi-hater and doesn't get the appeal of the pretay! Ugh!!!)

I am going to be honest here and tell you all how that conversation ended. Me with a strawberry sunday practically licking the cup clean and by practically I mean literally, I'm so ashamed.

I feel my resolve crumbling every day but then I see this

And I think to myself, "Self, Rob is right step away from the Root Beer and Pie and everything will be alright."

The ice cream was one slip up and now the above pic of Rob is placed strategically above my calendar so I will see it on my way to the fridge or on my way out the door and with the power of Rob I shall get through.



  1. You guys have Tastee Freeze?! We used to have one. I remember that they had yummy ice cream! Sorry you're being faced with so many temptations. Good for you for printing out that pic and putting it above your calendar! I printed out a few myself and put them at my desk at work...and one in my car for my impulsive stops on the way home from work. We all need reminders of what we're working toward...after all what IRWTSMN?????!!!! :)


  2. @Tess- yes we do have Tastee Freeze here, I guess it's in more places than I thought :)

    This diet is quite simple I just need to get more pics of Rob up in more places to distract me from unhealthy foods lol

  3. I remember when I lived at home and had no control over the food that was bought and it sucked big time. Now, I still have the crap around the house because of the hubs and kids that I have to resist, but at least I can get myself some "safe" stuff to eat. I soooo want to hang the pics of Rob on the fridge, but I know that would go over like a turd in a punch bowl. LOL I think maybe I'll just use those pics for my phone's wallpaper. :)