Sunday, July 31, 2011

Avoiding Temptation

It's easy to know the things that aren't good for you when it comes to food.

If it tastes good and is filled with sugar... it's not good for you!

So, with it being easy to know what these things are, it makes it glaringly obvious that when you see them you should turn the other way and get something else to snack on.
Good snacks!

Well yesterday I was on a shopping mission... get really expensive shampoo on a ridiculous sale at a specific store. What does this have to do with dieting and staying away from sweets? You may ask.

"EVERYTHING!" is what I would say.

On my way to Ulta (the store with the shampoo) I decide to make a detour at the Half Price bookstore. After browsing the books I leave the store and take a stroll down to the Hostess outlet store.

That's right... A freaking Hostess outlet store!!! I go in there because they sell this whole wheat oat nut bread that I love... it is like $6 at Jewel but at this store it's $1.29 a loaf! And clearly since this is a Hostess store they also sell all of those tempting little things full of sugar, bad carbs, covered in chocolate, or frosting. You know, the things that make your inner skinny girl cringe but the outer chubby girl wants at them, NOW!

I held my own and walked right by the 29 cent Twinkies, Ho Ho's, Snow Balls, donuts, cookies, cakes, pastries, pies. I kept my head high holding my loaf of bread walking to the cashier without looking back.

I get to the car and my niece asks me "Kassie, do you want one of my mini donuts?"

So I ate one! Just one and you know what.. I'm okay with it. I spent all day on my feet walking around burning off calories left and right, I was able to avoid all of the tempting snacks that I could have literally inhaled in about 2.5 seconds. So in the long run, one mini donut doesn't hurt.

Shhhhhh Marie do not mention the piece of cheese cake I had at your party the night before, it doesn't count bc it was a party!

Tell me, what are the temptations that you try to avoid?

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  1. Yay Kassie! I'm so proud of you! It's so hard with all that temptation in front of you! The fact that you were able to have one mini donut is more of a testament to your strength than not having one at all. Seriously. I know when I give in and have something like that, it is really hard for me stop at one! That's kind of what my next post is about actually.

    *pssssst - your cheesecake secret is safe with me - cuz I had some after you all left! Could not resist trying the fruit of my labors!