Friday, July 29, 2011

How Are You Doing It?

The reason I got the blog up and running again is because I needed and wanted to give support.  I just want to thank you all that commented and joined!  I think about all the lovely things you have said and how it's going with you and you inspire me!

So how are you doing it?

I'm counting Weight Watchers points.  I joined a few years ago, so I have all the books (old system) so I just using that and I finally found a good iPhone app that counts points without joining WW.  It's called "My Score Plus" and it is the best I have found for me (and I have downloaded quite a few).  I did realize the other day that my app had miscalculated the number of points I should be allowed to have a day - I thought the number was high.  Then I looked it up and sure enough the app was giving me 5 more points per day that I should be allowed. So I adjusted that on the app.  Hopefully that is one of the reasons that I haven't been very successful.

So, I'd love to hear from you in the comments.  How are you approaching your weight loss?  Are you counting points?  Calories?  something else?  Let us know!



  1. I don't count anything. I tried and I suck at it. I stay away from soda pops or carbonated drinks, haven't had any since March! I rarely eat red meat only because if I taste it, I tend to devour it all. I usually just serve myself half of what I use to eat and that is it. I snack more inbetween meals, healthy snacks that is. Nuts, fruits, granola bars, smoothies etc. I am kinda down though.. I have been stuck in my plateau for about a month now!! urgh

  2. I don't count points or calories or anything... I'm just lazy about it really. Like Lety I don't drink soda... well like I said before I do sometimes but it's not very often. I'm on a PB&J diet... I eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, PB&J for lunch and sometimes for dinner too but only if we're having something I don't like. Last night we had chicken stir fry for dinner, instead of making PB&J I picked out the chicken and just ate the veggies. One night last week we were having wraps for dinner so instead of putting turkey or chicken on mine I made a veggie one and threw on extra cheese (I need dairy, I don't drink milk so I don't get enough calcium or vit D). So far this is working for me... it might not be the healthiest way to diet but I gotta eat what I like bc starving is not an option.

    Now having said all of this I'm thinking it's time for me to change my diet to something better :/

  3. @Lety - I was doing what you're doing, right around the time Twilight came out and that was really working for me. I would just eat what I liked, but only eat half. I was satisfied and I was losing weight. Then something happened, I'm not sure what, but I couldn't do it anymore. I got lazy or just said WTF and just pigged out. I had a hard time getting into that groove again. And now, it doesn't seem to matter. That "half diet" (which is what I dubbed it) doesn't work for me anymore. I think it's my age. Well, I've gone on the treadmill 3 days this week (so far!) and I'm hoping I can give my metabolism a jumpstart.

    @Kassie - It's working for you, right? That's important. Maybe just take a vitamin every day to make sure you getting all your nutrition.

  4. Be careful w/ smoothies..they can be very high in sugar content and therefore it counter acts "eating healthy".

    I have been very bad about eating.. ive been eating very little, but what i have eaten isnt usually healthy. Since we moved and live downtown now I would have to walk to get fast food or walk to my car to drive somewhere. but it has been around 100*s so I haven't really eaten out ....

    The next few weeks my schedule is going to be off.. but I am going to try to get everything back together Sept 1. I have 1 month to splurge.. Luckily, I havent gained anything. I have been at the same weight for a few months.

  5. @Katie - It sounds like you are maintaining, so that is good. :) We have a reunion coming up next year! We have to look good!!! LOL
    You are so right about the smoothies. The only ones I will drink are ones I have made at home and I know exactly what went into it. I took the kids to this place by me called Smoothie Rox and I got a strawberry/banana smoothie and it was so sweet I gagged. YUCK! Fruit is so sweet and delicious naturally, I can't understand why they would add sugar to it.