Monday, September 20, 2010

FA (fat ass) Goals

Hey!  It's Tess, from TNT!  
I would like to thank the Twilight Junkies girls for inviting us over here!  
This should be a great partnership with our diet plan...IRWTSMN™.  

Have you asked yourself that "what if" question today?  
Well, if not, then you should.  
It will make you drop that donut, push away from the pasta, and move your ass.  
It's a fail proof way of becoming a tad less voluptuous.  
Trix and I have been using this method for a while now and if used consistently, 
it really does work!  
I've made some motivational pictures for myself.  
I'll share a few of them with you today...

Please feel free to use these in anyway you see fit.  Review mirror in your car.  Refrigerator (if you can get by with hubby frowned on this idea).  Bathroom mirror.  Desk at work. Etc, Etc.
I'll have some more for you guys on this week's IRWTSMN™ post this Thursday.

Don't forget about your goals for the small or big as they may be.

My individual goals are:
1. Drink more water.
2.  Eat out less for lunch.

Simple enough.  Hopefully, I can succeed.

Good luck, girls!


  1. OMG - those pics are awesome! Yeah, my hubs would frown on the fridge idea too. LOL I will just have to get a mental picture in my head of those pictures to help. IRWTSMN is really helping! People have gotta think we're crazy, but hey, whatever works, right! :)

  2. I have to say the picture of Rob smiling on the left side.. thats a GOOD picture.... hmmm