Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sometimes it's the little things...

Hello ladies,

Hope you all don't mind me hopping in here, but Marie said that I could go ahead and post if I had anything worthwhile to post...and as I was getting in gear for the new year over the last week (hello day 7 of 2014!), a bit of inspiration struck....sometimes, it's really the little things that help:

So do something for you...in relation to your goal...to make it more fun/more enjoyable/more accessable, etc.:

If you have the means and want one, go ahead and buy a piece of exercise equipment that you've been wanting to try - a lot of times, if you've invested in it, you'll do it more.

If there's an app that's been looking awesome but it's $2.99 and you haven't wanted to pay that much for an app (trust me, I get it, I struggle with paying for apps AT ALL...), go ahead a download it.  If it makes your journey easier, you'll do it more.

If there's a new pair of sneakers that just happen to come in your absolute favorite color, or a new workout top that has some sort of awesome feature, or a new kind of headband that you think might actually stay in your hair (they never do for me!) pick some up, or if it's a new pair of fancy headphones so you can rock to your favorite tunes while walking/running/biking go ahead a buy them.  You have to feel good about your gear if you're going to continue to use it.

In my case, it was buying a pretty binder.  Yes, something that simple.  I bought a binder that I actually like looking at.  In the binder I have my calendars so that I can lay out my exercise plan and keep track of upcoming events (like my *eek* 28 mile bike ride in June....) that I need to prepare for.  The fact that I actually really like the binder makes it easier to get home and use it everyday - check on my progress and what I should be doing.  Oh, and while I'm at it - keep the pages simple - just calendars for me.  I record weight on my weekly weigh ins right on the same calendar as my workouts - if there's too much "clutter" I won't do it either.

Treat yourself - and it doesn't have to be a big expense (I mean that $3 app really isn't all that bad...) to give yourself that boost of motivation.  Go do something for YOU! :)  If it's fun to use/fun to look at/pretty/your favorite color/really comfy/etc. you're bound to be more willing to use it daily.

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  1. Good advice! I've already purchased a new app, and hopefully will get some new workout clothes. I want a new treadmill, but that's not happening any time soon.
    Sometimes you have to treat yourself to motivate yourself!