Monday, January 13, 2014

Little victories...

Not only is the title of this post a beautiful song by Matt Nathanson (song/lyrics here if you've not heard it:  but also something we could all learn to enjoy a bit more:

It's not always about the 5 pounds in a week that we're trying (and maybe not quite succeeding at) to lose.  Sometimes it's about something smaller and maybe even less significant that can keep our motivation going.

Maybe it's that your thoughts are a little clearer (or that you're feeling more creative - and wanting to really jump back into an old hobby....say, blogging, for example).  This article from Forbes is great on what exercise does for the mind (and not just the body):

Maybe it's that even if the scale isn't showing much yet, your pants are closing just a little bit easier.  Remember, toning doesn't necessarily mean dropping pounds right at the beginning...

Maybe it's just at the end of the day you're only tired and not exhausted.

Maybe it's that (as in my case lately) the little breakouts you've been still dealing with even though you're almost 30 and when is that phase going to end, are starting to be fewer and farther between because a) you're sweating all the gunk out of your pores and b) you're eating better food so your skin is starting to not hate you any more.

Whatever it may be, there are always little victories...what are some of yours?

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