Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year....New Strategies

For the last two days, I have been looking for ways to switch up my weight loss strategies.  I spent a lot of time on Pinterest, and grabbed a few ideas that I think will work for me.

So I got in the car and drove to Michael's to get what I needed.

First up is the motivational weight loss jars.

I've actually wanted to do this for awhile.  I'm very visual, so seeing the stones move from one jar to the other will be very motivating for me.  What will also be extremely motivating is NOT wanting to have to put any of the stones back in the pounds to lose jar!  That would really suck!

Next up is the "smash journal".

I saw quite a few of these on Pinterest.
  What really appealed to me is the mixture of journal and scrapbook.   I'm planning to just stuff it full of ideas, clippings, pictures and anything that motivates me.  If you need ideas, just search for
 "Weight Loss Smash Journal" on Pinterest and you will see tons of cute ideas.
Here are my first few pages. 

And last, but not least is a private journal.  
My Smash journal will just lay around the house, but there are some thoughts and feelings about my weight loss that I would like to keep to myself.
So I purchased a Journal app for my iPhone.  It was only $1.99 and let's you add pictures.  Most importantly to me, I can sync it between my iPhone and my Google Drive.

So there you have it.
I'm really excited about all of these new little strategies!

What new strategies are you going to try to spice up your weight loss program?


  1. We are getting a treadmill for the house (oddly enough, picking it up ON new year's day). This will allow me even more flexibility in when I run. It will also allow me to do so without having to deal with snow and weather. I know many people buy treadmills and then don't use them because it's too easy to "forget" that they're there...but I really think having this treadmill here will allow me the ease of doing so when I want to. I'm also going to try out the morning activity that I'm getting close to my goal, I want to start working on things like core I think I'm going to pick up a challenge again of crunches/plank/etc. to start working on building up that core strength. I'm thinking maybe a popsicle stick challenge jar for those. That way I'm getting a variety of things in...

    1. I really love the Popsicle stick idea for workouts. I may try that later on. Yay!!! New treadmill!

    2. I need a bit of that "mystery" so that I don't necessarily know what I'm going

  2. I love the baubles in the jars idea, that visual would be great because sometimes what you see in your mirror doesn't match up to reality. O.O

    I have another visual I am setting up--a 'measuring stick' along the side of my full-length mirror for goals and removable stickers to put on the mirror that came with my new scale.

    1. I love those ideas kiTT! I've seen something like the removable stickers on Pinterest, if that what you are talking about. Do you remove them for each pound? I'd love to hear more about it and the measuring stick.