Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weekly Weigh In Saturday 3/9

It's that time of the week.
Time to step on that scale and be rewarded for all the hard work this past week!
How did you week go?
Did you gain or lose?
(remember - you can share as much or as little info as you like)

Let the commenting begin.......


  1. Down 1.2 for me this week...which is moving in the right direction at least.

    It's been a little warmer (like in the 40's) and I'm feeling itchy to get my bike out and start riding. I've signed up for a 15 mile charity ride in June anyway so I'm thinking of starting to get ready soon.

    Also, I need thoughts on this - we're doing a biggest loser competition at school. It's $20 and confidential (no group weigh ins or anything like that). There are cash prizes for the people who lose the largest percentage. There are 13 people doing it right now, I'm thinking about it - but I have to decide before Monday as it's the first weigh in day. I'm usually pretty private about my weight loss stuff (except here with you girls) so I'm not sure if I want to put myself out there, but if I'm "competing" and there's a cash prize it might serve as some good extra motivation. What are your thoughts on this??

    1. Lauren, I tried to comment last week from my phone and the stupid thing doesn't work with blogger anymore. I wanted to tell you that you should do the Biggest Loser thing at school. I think it would fun and motivating. Plus you have a chance of winning some money. I say go for it! :)

  2. Kinda late, but I never got a chance to comment last week. I lost 2.3 pounds this week. I usually weigh in right before I take my shower and I was literally in the shower after this weigh in grinning from ear to ear to myself. LOL!