Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekly Weigh In 3/16/13

It's that time of the week.
Time to step on that scale and be rewarded for all the hard work this past week!
How did you week go?
Did you gain or lose?
(remember - you can share as much or as little info as you like)

Let the commenting begin.......


  1. Stayed where I was last week - but we went to the bar 2 different nights and I had a couple of beers each night and otherwise ate fairly badly throughout the week - so staying where I was is telling me that this watching portions thing is helping. :) I'm ok with it!!

  2. Only lost 0.6 this week but I'm okay with that. Like I've said before, it all adds up. This has been a long journey for me - a year and a half so far. I've gone back up a few times, and stayed the same many many times. Just can't give up. I think I'm finally to a place where I am really seeing the payoff, and I'm even more motivated than ever. Buying size 12 jeans has helped me so much. I haven't been that size for at least 20 years!