Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weekly Weigh In Saturday 2/2

It's that time of the week.
Time to step on that scale and be rewarded for all the hard work this past week!
How did you week go?
Did you gain or lose?
(remember - you can share as much or as little info as you like)

Let the commenting begin.......


  1. Last Saturday, I had no loss at all. Remember I told you that sometimes your body isn't on the same schedule as you and your scale are? Well here is proof.
    Last week: 192.6
    This week: 188.7
    Loss this week: 3.9 pounds!

    I also want you guys to know that I was not good last weekend. I drank on Saturday and had White Castles with fries and onion rings on Sunday. I was really good the rest of the week. So it just goes to show that you can be bad from time to time, but as long as you are good most of the time, you will still be fine.

    I know a lot you girls have had a lot of stress this week, but whether you lost or not, it's good place to vent/talk about stress eating. I'm definitely a stress eater!

  2. This week : 2.5 down and I also splurged and had chili's chips and salsa on Saturday night!

    1. See!!!! You can totally splurge as long as you are good most of the other time. Congrats on 2.5!

  3. I stayed the same this week. Next week is going to be better, I'm not letting work get to me any more so hopefully it's better :-)

  4. I'm down 2 from last of 9 overall and also had a bad day in there. If you don't let yourself splurge evry now and again youll never stay on the diet least I wont cause I know that about myself. This is totally going to work by june! I cam feel it!! And I've just been watching portions and eating things for the most part that are healthier. I should start exercising but its sometimes hard this time of year when I dont have a treadmill or something at home. I have a gym membership but the thought of one more stop in the snow and cold is often enouhh to make me say screw it. But I did just get a new yoga dvd and a new dance workout dvd. Going to try doing those here at home. I have noticed that since I've started watching portions, I get full quicker now which is making watching portions that much easier. :)