Friday, July 13, 2012

Cleanse Update and Welcome Our Newest Blog Author

Well, the results of the Jillian Michael's cleanse are in and.........meh.
I lost 2.7 pounds this week......not the projected 5 pounds.

Here are my thoughts.
First, I think the cleanse really works for people who generally don't get enough fluids and end up retaining water.  I drink plenty of water on a regular basis and my body is constantly being flushed out.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am constantly having to pee!!!!  However, if you don't drink enough water on a regular basis and you suddenly were drinking a half gallon of fluid a day for 7 days, I could see how you could lose 5 pounds.

Other factors in my results include diet and exercise.  My diet this week was fine.  I stayed within my allotted Weight Watchers points.  I recently received a new shipment from Alli, so I was taking that regularly this entire week.  However, I did not exercise.  I was soooooo lazy this week and there is a layer of dust on the treadmill right now.  So the bottom line is, that I am happy with my 2.7 loss.  Would I have been happier losing 5 pounds??? Hell yeah I would!  Right now I am still trying to get back to my lowest weight so far which was 188 back in March, and I was up to 198 last week.  So the faster I can get back to that point the better, because then I will feel like I'm moving forward.  Right now it's the 3 steps forward, 2 steps back game.  Sucks!!!!!

Time to move on......

Okay, so on a completely different topic, I would like to welcome our newest Blog Author, Birdie!  Everyone make sure you say hi to Birdie in the comments!!!!
Birdie is a very dear old friend of mine who is joining us for moral support.
Hopefully we will be hearing from her in the near future so we can get to know her and where she is in her journey to be the best she can be!
Welcome Birdie!!!!


  1. love the lucy and ethel pic! LOL Says it all.

    So you need to go on Dr. Oz and see the segment about green coffee extract!!! It helps boost metab and people taking it are losing weight w/o trying. It might be a good pick-me-up (pun intended) at this stage!

  2. Welcome Birdie!!! Hope to hear from you soon!
    Cleanses, green coffee extract, Alli...The one thing in that little sentence that scares the bejesus out of me? Alli. Be careful, Twi-Sister. I'm proud of you!!!