Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kassie's Workout Day 1

Okay so I barely just survived day 1 of my new self imposed workout program. 15 minutes doing stairs, which includes another 5 minutes before for warm up and 5 after for cool down. 25 minutes in all is a great start. By the end of this I should have the best looking ass on the planet!

My inspiration: Rob songs... Nothing like a little Rob music to workout by.
My goal: Go down 1 pants size by the Breaking Dawn DVD release party.

Day 1 down... If the weather cooperates I might get to rollerblade on Friday woohoo!

How are your workout regiments working? What are your inspirations? Goals?

PS: I'll update later with my before pic... for now I'm gonna hit the shower.

Update: My before pic

1 comment:

  1. Go Kassie!!! You can do it! A pants size by the BD party is a good goal. You have like a month and a half to do it. I know you will. I think I will try to hit the treadmill tonight - maybe try some Twilight or New Moon - haven't watched those in a while. :)