Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Step in the Right Direction

Hey everyone.
I thought I would share my triumph with everyone.

For those of you who dont know, I had a heart transplant last year and am about to hit my 18 month post transplant day. (Surgery was Feb 26, 2010 for a long term genetic disease).

Because of this disease about 10 years ago I realized that exertion and my body just didn't go together. I landed myself in the hospital many times after exerting myself even a little bit. It was just not something my heart could handle.

Since my transplant I am actually able to do some walking which got to be so difficult near the end..(now i can actually run more then 2 steps). I still never walked much due to where I lived to get anywhere i had to drive and the humidity kicked my butt and the gym wasn't close, etc. I always had an excuse.

So on to my triumph. We have moved to a city and so I have done a lot more walking because there is so much with in walking distance. Yesterday I debated going to the gym which is across the street (we have free membership because of where we live). I finally went last night with my husband. But today, I went on my own! And it felt good. All I did was walk on the treadmill, but I feel satisfied that I actually did it.

Last night I walked for about 45 minutes and did just over 2 miles. Today I walked again for 45 minutes but walked 2.25 miles. Now if I can just keep this up along with walking to the store, cleaners, etc.



  1. Congratulations on your 18 months, that is really amazing :)

    Walking is a really good low impact workout. That's why I like it so much. I've tried jogging before and more stressful workouts but they don't give me any results because they discourage me and I tend to give up a lot easier. I could walk forever and never get tired, but jogging kicks my butt. I'm hoping to work up to it eventually but for now I'll take it slow.

  2. I dont think my knees could handle jogging or running. Not as exercise!

  3. Yay! Go Katie!!!! It is so awesome that you can do all these things that you couldn't do before the transplant! And you got Dan to go to the gym with you? Girl, you rock! I can't do the running thing either. I've tried a few times but it's just not for me. My knees would die and I would have two black eyes from these stupid Double D's!!! LOL Then I was talking to Barb and she discouraged me from running because of my advanced age! LOL Didn't have to try to hard to convince me. So I'll stick with walking on the treadmill and maybe move the incline up a little to kick it up a notch.

  4. I am playing with the speed and incline just ebcause I know that it is part of the stress test and I need to be comfortable enough to not have a panic attack when i have to do it.

    Dan and I have gone off and on but I havent really been able to do anything or it was a 20 minute drive and he will only go late in the evening so i would doze off on the drive. But now its across the street :) He needs to loose weight too though so he can pass weigh ins and stuff